Care of Christmas Cactus after Holidays
Come springtime, you should care for the Christmas Cactus as you would other tropical plants.  Keep the Christmas Cactus in a humid location, expose it to bright, indirect sunlight and prune it after blooming to encourage new branching. 

In the summer, you can move the Christmas Cactus to a shady or semi-shady outdoor location, keeping in mind that too much sunlight can burn the leaves or damage the plant. 

If the leaves seem to wilt quickly or the soil dries out quickly, re-pot it in a slightly larger container in well-drained soil.
During the fall, you will need to take special care of the Christmas Cactus in order to encourage holiday blooms.

If you did move the Christmas Cactus outside for the summer, you will need to slowly re-introduce it to the indoors in the fall by gradually increasing the number of hours the plant spends inside each day. 

Beginning mid-October, place the Christmas Cactus in complete darkness for twelve hours each night for approximately six to eight weeks.  

Another option is to place the Christmas Cactus in a cool location, such as a root cellar with temperatures of 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, until you see flower buds forming.  This eliminates the need to place the Christmas Cactus in complete darkness.
Then, once the Christmas Cactus is in bloom, expose it to bright, indirect light and water regularly.  If you wish to start new plants, remove various stems by pinching them off with your fingers or cutting them with a sharp knife and re-plant them in moist vermiculite.
Once the holidays have ended, it’s time for your Christmas Cactus to rest.  Place it in a cool, sunny room and water it thoroughly when the top inch of the soil is dry to the touch.
Christmas Cactus Grow, Care and Bloom
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